November 2021 Member Spotlight – Aome Rogers

Aome Rogers was raised and attended college in Colorado. Since moving to Southwest Florida in 2014, she has been very active in business, including in the arts, clothing, marketing, and events industries, and she has contributed greatly to the non-profit community through her participation in Associate Leadership Collier as well as through her own initiatives.

YP: Did you grow up in Southwest Florida?

AR: I am a Colorado native, raised in Grand Junction, Colorado, and attended school at Colorado State University and Colorado Mesa University.

YP: When did you move to Southwest Florida, and why?

AR: I moved to SWFL in 2014, ready for a change and to be closer to family since my mom had retired down here.

YP: What is your current involvement in business?

AR: I have a few ventures I am involved in: My art commission, clothing & tailoring/alteration business, my freelance marketing, content writing, and photography/videography business, and my work at PBS Contractors as Marketing & Events Manager.

YP: Where did your path begin? Was it in college?

AR: As a major, I chose Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing after working my first job in retail at American Eagle Outfitters. I appreciated the experience of setting up the marketing floorsets in the middle of the night, from midnight to 4-5am in the morning, and the detail it took to ensure we were giving the customer the best experience possible not only aesthetically but also the best experience customer service-wise.

YP: What has been your favorite part of your journey in business?

AR: Being able to set up my own freelance business to benefit nonprofit organizations in need has absolutely been my favorite part of my journey so far. A portion of all proceeds are donated to Free the Girls, a human-trafficking awareness organization. Donations help provide survivors in third-world countries with a solid foundation to foster growth. I credit Associate Leadership Collier to assist in facilitating the connections with some incredibly talented classmates and I highly recommend everyone apply.

YP: What non-profits have you been involved with?

AR: I’ve been involved in over 40 nonprofits over the years, and I look forward to the next, always.

YP: Any recent non-profit accomplishments you would like to share?

AR: My favorite recent accomplishment is raising over $4,000 for STARability Foundation with my ALC Classmates and friends. I would also invite everyone to sign up for the David Lawrence Center Young Executives newsletter or membership and of course Young Professionals of Naples.

YP: What advice would you give to others looking to become more involved in SWFL non-profits?

AR: My advice is to apply to Associate Leadership Collier. Especially if you are not a SWFL native, this will be the best bridge to connect you to the organizations in Collier County that need assistance.

YP: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

AR: In ten years, hopefully I will still be here and serving my purpose of helping others.