July 2022 Member Spotlight – Jeremy Garcia

Jeremy Garcia is a native Neapolitan who currently works as a home healthcare physical therapist assistant for Empath Home Health.

YP: Did you grow up in Naples?

JG: I was born in Naples.

YP: What is your current employment?

JG: I am currently working as a home healthcare physical therapist assistant but prior to that I worked for 4 years as an outpatient therapist.

YP: Where do you currently work?

JG: I work at Empath Home Health, which is a non-profit company focused on providing excellent quality care for our patients.

YP: What are some ways in which you are working to further your career in physical therapy?

JG: I am currently working on my certification for spinal rehab under the McKenzie Institute.

YP: How do you see your role expanding at Empath Home Health?

JG: I am slowly working my way into a speaking and presentation role for Empath Home Health and educating employees in assisted living facilities to better assist our patients with their needs on a day to day basis.

YP: What is the goal of your speaking role?

JG: Increasing my role in education will better help to educate family and caregivers on providing quality care for those in need.