December 2021 Member Spotlight – Kendall Miller

Kendall Miller is originally from New Jersey. She moved to Southwest Florida to attend FGCU, where she graduated with a major in Special Education. Kendall currently works as an instructor at STARability Foundation, which serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She currently serves the board of Young Professionals of Naples as its Membership Director.

YP: Did you grow up in Naples?

KM: I actually did not grow up in Naples. I am from New Jersey.

YP: When did you move to Southwest Florida, and why?

KM: I moved down to Southwest Florida about three years ago for school. I ended up getting my Associates degree back in New Jersey, but I wanted to continue my education. I looked at Florida Gulf Coast University. I fell in love with it. I applied and got accepted!

YP: When did you graduate, and what motivated you to stay in the area after graduating?

KM: This past May, I graduated with a major in Special Education and a minor in Psychology. I continued to stay in Naples as I got a job at STARability in Naples, and I knew this is where I wanted to be. My mom also moved down here with me when I decided I wanted to go to Florida Gulf Coast University. As we both continued living here, we fell more and more in love with the weather and great friends we have made so that helped me know that I wanted to live here permanently as well.

YP: What do you like about working at STARability Foundation?

KM: STARability is a non-profit organization. That is one thing that I love about it. I love how our organization gives back to the community and helps out participants who have disabilities. Looking back, STARability has completed changed my views on nonprofit organizations. It is so amazing how one organization can do so much. At STARability, I am both a virtual and in person instructor. When I am virtual, we teach a variety of different classes (around 25 a week). What I love about virtual is that our participants can be anywhere in the world and still be able to participate in our classes. In person learning is a little different. We are out in the community, so the participants get hands on vocational skills at all different restaurants, museums, and even food pantries. The smile on the participants faces is the best part of it all.

YP: Is there anything else you would like to share?

KM: In my free time, I love doing so many different kinds of activities. First, I love crafts. I love scrapbooking, making jewelry, and doing paint pouring. Crafts are something that help me decompress after a long day, or if something stressful is going on, it takes me away from everything and to a happier place! Next, I love the beach and the pool. I find both to be super relaxing and I am a typical water girl. I love collecting seashells and going for walks on the beach as well. Finally, I love exploring and trying new things. When I came down to Florida to live, I wanted to see as much of Florida as I can. I am loving a lot of the new places I have explored.