Board Application

Our Annual Membership Meeting is coming up in July. This is a members-only event where we discuss our annual report, vote in the new board of directors, open the floor for feedback from the members, and ask our members to elect a committee that they can serve on for the term ahead. In preparation for this event, we invite you to apply for a board of director position or consider serving on a committee for the upcoming term. If you are interested in serving as a chair or committee member, there will be an opportunity for you to inform us at the Annual Membership Meeting and nothing is needed from you at this time.

For those of you interested in serving on board of directors, the current term and cycle for each board member is outlined in our bylaws and associated amendments. These documents, as well as job descriptions and the board application, are available below. We invite each member to familiarize themselves with these documents, and require all board of director applicants to read them before applying for a board position. We are looking for passionate, ambitious, and influential members to apply for their position of interest on the board by Thursday, July 12, 2018. If you believe that you are an ideal candidate, we ask you to click the drop down below for instructions on how to apply.

We hope to see numerous applications for board positions soon!